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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spain Make New History With Winning Two Euro Cup, Defeat Italy 4-0

Spain made history by winning the European Cup twice in a row after defeating Italy 4-0 in Euro 2012 final which lasted an anticlimax.
Spanish goals produced by David Silva (14th minute), Jordy Alba (minute 41), Fernando Torres (minute 83) and Juan Matta in the 88th minute. Italy was unable to reply to a goal.
Spain vs. Italy final draw takes place. As soon as the whistle sounded, Italy just try to frontal attack to the defense of Spain. Cassano mengusai ball in the 3rd minute of the left side but he was too much to carry the ball. And easily be stopped by other players.
In contrast, Spain a lot of pressure to control the ball from the center. Iniesta, Xavi, Xabi and Silva to be motorcycle midfield against Italy who are playing very tight.
Italy played a defensive midfielder Andrea Pirlo with a 4-1-3-2 formation. But Spain perform without striker. Really interesting arena in the middle.
Until the 13th minute, the Spanish still controlled the game and control the game in the middle. The 14th minute, scored David Silva. Spanish pressure gave very positive results. Acceleration Fabregas managed to provide feedback from the left side and directly headed by Silva.
The 34th minute, Spain Accuracy is not as good bait before the meeting. Italy proved in this tournament as the king of the intercepts. This time two Iniesta failed to pass to the recipient.
Although pressured by Italy, Spain still performed very relaxed with the passing of the pressure to serve two and suppress.
Spain increased his lead over Alba Jordy kick the 41st minute. Jordi Alba welcomes move quickly through pass from Silva, then he quickly made a shooting on the right side of Buffon quietly without being able to reach. Italy tertnggal two goals.
Until the end of the first round, 2-0 to Spanish position has not changed, though Italian by Balotelli trying to catch up.
But two goals from Spanish players make a difference for the quality of the resulting pressure. Silva and Alba became the player that makes fans smile Spanish first half to 45 minutes.
Spanish strategy that does not use a pure striker to make the game they become difficult to predict. This situation is made to keep Italy defender who confused because even though Spanish is the 4-3-3 formation, but no third striker in front of waiting in front. They do a permutation with other players.
Entering the second round, Italy direct hit on the left side through Balotelli. Prandelli replacing Cassano with Di Natale.
The 47th minute, counter-attack by the Spanish. And Fabregas! Shooting is still hard sideways.
Minute-53, working as one of two Spanish players can still be removed Barzagli. Spanish counter-attack in the center of pressure of Italy is very dangerous.
Xavi to feed it with the heel after receiving the ball from Iniesta failed to do in the 55th minute. Spain to play football effectively to exert pressure when they are depressed.
Until the 61st minute, the more difficult position 2-0 overtaken if Motta could not play anymore because it's the turn of Italy has run out.
Spain's turn suppress because the signs of Italy to play with 10 players getting clear. Playing with 10 men change the course of the game.
The 69th minute, defender Pedro get away from obstacles, crossing the bait he still can not be well received by Iniesta who waited in the middle.
Fernando Torres Spain added advantage over Italy to 3-0 through a goal in minute 83 brilliant bait thanks to Xavi.
Juan Matta, prince of Chelsea, finally scored the goal against Italy in the 88th minute to notch a 4-0 final in the 2012 European Cup final.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get rid of Germany, Italy into the Final

Italy went into the final round after eliminating one of the favorites, Germany. Gli Azzurri a 2-1 win and will face Spain in the final round.
In a match played at the National Stadium on Friday (29/06/2012) pm dawn, Italy to open the scoring in the 20th minute header past Balotelli. Manchester City striker then scored another goal in the 36th minute to give Italy a 2-0 lead for.
In the second half, Germany to miss a penalty through Mesut Ozil. Till the long whistle sounded, Italy is able to maintain a 2-1 lead over Germany.
Thus Italy will face Spain in the final round. Spain had confirmed a place in the finals of the previous day after getting rid of Portugal on penalties.
The gameGermany goalkeeper Italy threatened when the game is running five minutes. Through a corner, the ball Hummels Pirlo but still on the stand in front of goal.
Chaos in front of the Italian goalkeeper barely produce an own goal for Italy. Boateng release umpang front of goal. Buffon capable of brushed it off but the ball about Barzagli. Fortunately for Italy, ball bounce was still sideways to the left of goalkeeper Buffon.
Toni Kroos trial from outside the box has not been fruitless. His shot was well able to be pushed over by Buffon.
Italy went on the offensive. This time it was Montolivo who tried to pull a shot from outside the penalty box. But the ball was able to arrest by Neuer. So is the effort Cassano soon.
Goal! Italy to open the scoring in the 20th minute. Attack from the left side, Cassano turned around and passed by two German defenders and then let the bait into the penalty box. Balotelli sebuha greeted with a header that goalkeeper Manuel Neuer tear.
Germany to build an attack from the left side. Boateng tried to pull the bait to Podolski, but Balzareti menghalaunya and only corner kick for Germany.
Khedira! His shot from outside the box is still able to be driven Buffon.
Italy doubled the lead in the 36th minute. Receiving feedback from Riccardo Montolivo, Balotelli is separated from the offside trap hard fired Neuer who could not be driven.
Until halftime, Italy is able to maintain a 2-0 lead over Germany.
Into the second half, Germany had taken the initiative to attack. Reus is signed to replace Podolski moved from the right side and into the penalty box. But the settlement was finally able to be secured by Buffon.
Germany re-build the attack. Lahm kick cooperation finish one-two with Reus still soaring over the crossbar Buffon.
Balotelli! Moving from the right side, Balotelli then fired a shot. But the ball was off the mark.
Germany had the opportunity through a free kick in the 62nd minute. But the execution of Reus is still able to be driven by Buffon.
Behind Italy threatened in the 67th minute. Diamanti sent the ball to Marchisio. But the kick Marchisio still sideways to the left of goalkeeper Neuer.
Marchisio! After outwit Badstuber, Marchisio opened fire. But the ball was rolling on the German side of the net.
Italy returned to the opportunity. Regardless of the offside trap, Di Natale faced with Neuer. Kick the ball but still missed the mark.
Kroos! His shot from outside the box is still hovering over Buffon's crossbar.
Germany cut the gap at the end of the second half. The referee pointed to the spot after a handball in the box Balzaretti conduct penalty. Oezil who ran as an executor of his duties successfully.
Till the long whistle sounded, Italy is able to maintain a 2-1 lead over Germany and the right to go to the finals.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spain Win On Penalties

Spain finally silence Portugal after winning a shootout and advance to the final of Euro 2012 winner of the match Germany vs nmenantang Italy.

Until the end of the second overtime, the position of Spain vs Portugal 0-0 remained unchanged. Then resumed with a penalty shootout to determine who entered the final of Euro 2012

Spain played well below his best. Bosque who did not want to hear criticism kekeuh no pure striker began pertengahanbabak to-2 after Negredo was replaced Fabregas at minute -53.

Spanish attack appears to have been patterned given no yangjadi targetman striker in front. Tiki taka game seemed to disappear from Spain.

Until the end of round 1, the Spanish seem depressed despite dominating possession Soccernet 60% based on the record in the 2012 European Cup semi-final against Portugal.

Spanish game is far below his best. Spanish midfield often lose the ball, and the tiki taka did not appear.

So far enough to keep up appearances Portugal Spain, and even occasionally sending a real threat in front of goalkeeper Casillas. Spain becoming less patterned his game after Xavi Hernandez out in the 87th minute was replaced Pedro.

Until the end of the second overtime, the position remained unchanged 0-0. Then resumed with a penalty shootout to determine who entered the 2012 European Cup final.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

English was Again Unlucky Penalty Shoot-Out Defeat by Italy 2-4

Italy finally advanced to the semifinals. After performing relatively dominant throughout the match, Italy made the British to lift a suitcase through a round of penalty kicks. Italy won 4-2 by half-tos tosan is.
Gli Azzurri have many opportunities throughout the 120 minutes. Italy off 36 shots throughout the match and 20 of them on target. While the UK is only nine and four are on target. Italy also won control of the ball carrying up to 68%.
In the round of penalty kicks, two British kicker, and Ashley Cole Ashley Young, failed. While the pinnacle of Italy, only Riccardo Montolivo who failed to carry out their duties properly. Italy also qualified for the semifinals to face Germany after kick in. Alessandro Diamanti.
The game
In a match that took place in Kiev Olympic Stadium, Monday (25/06/2012) local time, Italy had some good chances in the first round. One is when the kick Daniele De Rossi in the third minute goal against the jolly.
That is just the beginning. A minute later turn to the UK are getting opportunities through Glen Johnson. Unfortunately for Johnson, shot in the face of goal can still be driven by the Italian Gianluigi Buffon.
Furthermore, Italy dominated possession and winning percentage. After being interrupted by chance Wayne Rooney, who bounced his header over the goalkeeper Buffon, Gli Azzurri to Britain's defense misgivings.
At the 25th minute, Arsenal can pass from Andrea Pirlo and measurable escaped the offside trap. But his shot was terhadang John Terry, right at the UK box.
Six minutes later, Balotelli back off from the offside. Faced with Joe Hart could kick was met by the goalkeeper.
Three minutes before halftime, Balotelli again get the chance. However, Balotelli hard kick from outside the penalty box flew just off against England.
As reported by the official site of UEFA, Italian off 12 shots, in which six of them on target. While the UK is only four and one of them on target.
Italian domination continued in the second round. Cesare Prandelli landing squad continues to create opportunities, but opportunities because they fail to block the British defense, rescue Hart, and are not shot on target.
At the 47th minute, De Rossi throw a golden opportunity to bring Italy excels. From close range sontekannya still missed the mark. Five minutes later, Italy had three consecutive opportunities. But all that led to no goals, including the kick melee Balotelli.
At minute 60, Balotelli on the ball with his chest and perform acrobatic kicks. Kick the ball is still flying high.
Until minute 70 's Italy continued to press the British defense. Shot from outside the area that do not make the Azzurri still collapse against England as well.
England have a good chance ahead of the second half completed. Ashley Cole's cross from the left was met with a reflection by Andy Carroll. The ball then salto kick was met by Rooney. However, his shot bounced.
The second half ended with the score 0-0. The game was resumed into the extra period.
In two extra period, Italy continued to press the defense of Britain. However, the chances that they produce the same boat as well as ever before: a fiasco.
Just at the minute-115, Italian supporters cheered when the bait Alessandro Diamanti struck by Antonio Nocerino who was in front against England. Nocerino's header into the goal England. Goal! However, the goal was disallowed because Nocerino has been in an offside position.
Score was still 0-0 and the game was resumed the round of penalty kicks.

Round Penalty Shootout
Of the two Italian first kicker, Mario Balotelli successful only doing his job. While Riccardo Montolivo kick off the mark. In contrast, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney doing a good success.
However, after Montolivo, the next two executioners Italy, Andrea Pirlo and Antonio Nocerino, managed to put the ball into the nets Hart. Instead, Ashley Cole Ashley Young and failed. Young kick-kick hit the crossbar and Cole caught by Buffon.
When it kicks in. Diamanti, Italian burst of excitement. They advanced to the last four for the next deal with the Germans.